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Online Cashier and Online Store 100% FREE

Cashier and online shop management solutions on your smartphone.

App Features

With this app, you are guaranteed to save time in developing a mobile cash register system that supports Android devices.


Here's a look at the system that you will use to help your business.

About the App

YourApp is a FREE and complete Point of Sale application that can process sales orders online for all types of businesses. Application uses Cloud to store realtime and automated data data.

Built with an integrated and secure system, made to suit the needs of companies and also MSMEs in Indonesia. All i-Toko users will automatically have an Online Store that is integrated with the Application with an easy and fast shopping system.

What You Will Get?

With this application, you are guaranteed to save time in running a business and also be more organized in finances.

  • Complete and integrated reporting system
  • Easy to use.
  • FREE Online service.

Free Online Store Website

By using the i-Toko Application, you automatically get a sophisticated online store website that is integrated with your i-Toko application.

You can set the products that you make in Product Management to appear in your Online Store. Every time someone orders, it will automatically enter your Whatsapp 24 hours non-stop

Install YourApp and start your business